Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The Crackatinnie tribe:
Experts thought the infamous Crackatinnie tribe had been
wiped out years ago until
researchers stumbled upon a small cluster of tribe members
in the middle of the harsh
Australian outback.
The researchers were forced to approach quietly, lest they scare the
inhabitants away before getting
a chance to photograph them in their natural state ...


thanks to Mike Molloy


Anonymous said...

You could get plenty of pictures of white Australians doing exactly this.

nortygordy said...

Please send me some and I will be glad to post them

Anonymous said...

lol as funny as the crackatinnie tribe is, anonymous is right, you could get plenty of photos of white people doing this, just head out to some national park , filled with white derros like me lol

Anonymous said...

You kidding you lot,I've worked citys bush remote communitys and islands,I'm a white Aussie bloke there to improve their community ,I've been abused spat at openly hated told I could disappear on black land,at 15hrs of a 18hr day to bring everthing they needed in life.if I said the rascist things they said,never have I seen anyone white in community or any race destroy stuff in there own world and hate me!!live in a remote community for 6mths we can talk

Anonymous said...

i can't believe you have found the last surviving members of my mob. my grand parents told me stories of them when i was a young boy. do you know there whereabouts i would love to spend some time getting to know them?