Monday, April 14, 2008


A British Scientist is giving a lecture, and and announces his findings - " Well, after a long and careful study of Earth movements in the next 6 months, we have some rather shocking findings. there is some bad news and some good news. "

The scientist continues- " Well, we have looked at this in great detail, and it appears that these plate movements will cause massive Earthquakes, which will greatly affect Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the Middle East. In 6 months time over 50 000 000 Mulsims might be left homeless, starving and even dead. The situation will make it impossible for many people in affected areas to leave the country, too, meaning that individuals won't be able to find refuge in other nations. "

The scientist looks at the crowd- they look horrified-
he then says
" And the Bad news is,
it looks like this years FA cup final might have to be cancelled. "


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