Saturday, November 11, 2006


Chocka Ca-Ca

This is by far is the most repulsive candy I have ever seen in my life; but it’s an ingenious product. Chocka Ca-Ca is a fudge candy that comes wrapped in a diaper, and is even shaped like liquid piled on top of liquid. It's like eating poo right out of a diaper. What kind of sick person would think of inventing this candy? Chocka Ca-Ca2 While eating this candy, you could keep reminding yourself that it is just fudge, but I would still find it difficult to get it down. Their website says: "Chocka Ca-Ca is a REAL baby diaper with a (big) piece of chocolate. Don't worry. Its just candy.

Dripping Boogers Candy

Have you ever "stood on the side of bridge, leaned your head over, let a wad of drool slowly emerge from your mouth, and then suck it back up into your mouth" again? Well, with this candy, you just strap on the plastic nose and the liquid candy drips out of the nostrils onto your tongue.

Lick Your Wounds Candy Scabs

The idea of watching someone pick at their scab is weird. The thought of having to watch someone lick and eat their scabs is totally disgusting. Have fun grossing people out licking your scabs with this candy. Its shaped like a Band-Aid, and really sticks to your arm. So get close and comfortable to the kid you want to gross out, peel back the Band-Aid and start licking your scab! And have fun watching their faces turn away in disgust.

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