Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Two prawns are best friends and swimming around in the sea.

One is called Justin, the other one is called Christian.

It's pretty boring being a prawn, so they were swimming around, disscussing what it would be like to be a shark. "I'd love to be a shark." said Christian. "Yeah, me to." said Justin. "It'd be a lot of fun."

"Anyway, I've got to go " said Christian. "See you".
So Justin is swimming home, still wondering what it would be like to be a shark, when he comes across a cod.
"So you want to be a shark?" Said the cod. "Yeah" said Justin "Howd you know that?" "I am a magic cod and if you wish it, I can make you a shark."

Justin though about it, and decided to go ahead with it.

The next day Justin wakes up and discovers he is a shark.
He decides to go tell all of his friends but when he gets to all of them, they run away. "No No!! Go away!!!" The they all said, even Christian.

So Justin is now swimming around, depressed that he hasn't got any friends when he comes across cod again.

"Change me back" he said in desperation. "Alright" says the cod.

So the next day Justin wakes up and finds he is a prawn again. He is so exited he goes to tell his friends.

"No! Go away Justin, you'll eat me!" says Christian

"No, you don't understand!" says Justin

"I've changed, I found cod, I'm a prawn again Christian!"

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