Thursday, July 12, 2007


Over the course of eighteen years, Mark Story photographed people who had lived past the ripe old age of 100. The resulting portraits and profiles can be seen on his site. Beautiful.

108 year-old

American man of English descent.
He grew up on a Montana ranch
that he later inherited
from his father,
who lived to 101.
He had 1,500 head of cattle
and rode Kentucky-bred horses.
Fifty years ago
he liked to drink whiskey and gamble.
Now he's into fitness;
at 102 he was still doing
thirty push-ups a day.
He walks a mile to church every Sunday
in his black cowboy boots,
white suit, pink tie
and Stetson hat.

"I don't drink, smoke or chase women;"
he says, "they chase me."

102 year-old
Chinese woman who had lived her entire life in the same mud house, which stood behind the Beijing Hotel. She spoke of living through the rule of China's last Emperor, the Boxer Rebellion, two World Wars and the Communist Party's rise to power. She was afraid her home was going to be torn down because the hotel was expanding.

90 year-old

Navajo Native American man
who spent much of his life
working for the railroad in Arizona.

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