Friday, May 04, 2007


Never Again Love

Don't do me breakfast just yet luv,
I'm staying up here in me bed,
I've a mouth like a shot putters armpit,
and ten kids running round in me head.

Oh why did I have that last lager,
the rooms spinning around once again,
please turn out the light
its shining so bright,
that it's blinding the cells in me brain.

I'm sorry for showing you up luv,
I know that you must be upset,
I'm easily led, just leave me in bed,
can't you just forgive and forget.

Your mothers not really a witch dear,
and she doesn't fly round on a broom,
and I hope and I pray
she didn't hear me say,
when she dies, that I'll dance on her tomb.

Did the neighbours calm down in the end luv,
they made twice as much noise as me,
I frightened their cat
and I'm sorry for that.
But I desperately needed that pee.

You don't have to keep coming up luv,
just bring me paper and fags,
then when I run out of reading
I might just need feeding
I'll try one of those boil in the bags


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