Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The FDA has been looking for a generic name for Viagra. After careful consideration by a team of government experts, it recently announced that it has settled on the generic name of: Mycoxafloppin.

Also considered were






and, of course,


Pfizer Corp. announced today that Viagra will soon be available in liquid form, and will be marketed by Pepsi Cola as a power beverage suitable for use as a mixer. It will now be possible for a man to literally pour himself a stiff one. Obviously, we can no longer call this a soft drink, and it gives new meaning to the names of “cocktails,” “highballs,” and just a good old-fashioned “stiff drink.”

Pepsi will market the new concoction under the name of “MOUNT & DO.”

There will be no Nativity Scene in Canberra this year!

The Supreme Court has ruled that there cannot be a Nativity Scene in Canberra this Christmas season. This isn’t for any religious reason, they simply have not been able to find three wise men and a virgin in the Nation’s capital. There was no problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the stable.

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